digital cameras for kids?
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FirstDigitalCameraFilter: in the light of recent posts on unrecommended made-for-kids-digicams, what basic&sturdy point&shoot camera should i be looking for, used, on ebay, for my little'uns?

the boys (4 and 6) love our panasonic fz-10, but i'd prefer they have their own to break...
so: point&shoot, reasonable lcd, ok quality pix, macro would be nice, for under $75, used on ebay (or elsewhere) - what brands/models would you recommend?
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So...I'm a camera salesman.

Tell me what features interest you:
-indoor photos
-outoor photos
-being tiny


I tend towards Nikon and Canon myself, but Fuji and other brands make great cameras as well.
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Try and get something with a movie mode and sound. My first-grader loves making little movies. He'll make a bunch of Playdough figures, then film them, giving them different voices. Or he'll look into the camera and talk about his kitten, or sing a song, or something goofy. The results are frequently hysterical and will be shown at his wedding years from now.

He has been handling my Canon S1 IS since he was five. It looks too big and complicated for a little guy, but he surprises me with hs ability to figure stuff out on his own.
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Well, I was hoping to get more criteria to help you with, but I would go with a Canon A70. It was my first camera and I loved it. Two AA batteries, 3.1 MP, 3x zoom, options for auto, program, manual, apeture and shutter priority (which makes it a good camera to learn about photography on).
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