How to play PS2 games on my PC?
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Playing PS2 on PC? I'd like to be able to see my ps2 games on my swanky monitor. Would a tv card with s-video in do it? Also, if I pick up a tv card, what do people recommend as a good show recorder (I have a good pc)?
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I'd actually go the other way around and get a VGA adaptor for the PS2. It's likely to give a better picture than encoding to NTSC and back would.
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You need one of these VGA adapters to put your PS2 games on a VGA monitor. If you want to keep using your computer with the monitor you might want to invest in a VGA switch box too.
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Keep in mind that the average TV's resolution is much lower than the average monitor and, as a result, PS2 games played on a monitor will look fairly awful (considering they are designed with that lower resolution in mind.) This is the same reason that trying to use a television as a computer monitor generally results in disappointment.
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How fast is your computer?
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Response by poster: AMD XP 3200+ with 2x512Mb RAM (nForce2 mobo) and about 80gb free on the hd. I have a DVD-R to keep space free on it.

I have a shuttle case so I actually hook it up to my telly every so often.. (I have a Radeon 9600 pro with svideo out).

I don't actually mind playing in a window (can you do that?) and it'll be PAL (I'm in the UK).
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you need the redant vga ps2 adapter. I have it and it works great. The only problem is, as mentioned above, the res is waay high on a monitor and leaves something to be desired on certain games, usually only on psx games tho.
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Get this one, I have it and it works great, and I believe it's the newer version of what bob has. (From the picture it looks that way anyway)
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That machine you mentioned would emulate PS2 games nicely. Get a controller adapter (PS2-USB) for less than 25 bucks and you have instant backups and easy playability, not to mention you can turn AA and AF on in the games. I cannot find a link for it, maybe its worth asking another Askme question on where to get one.
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that looks pretty nice, banished. but whats "New YPsPr mode (for PS2 only)". that's the only thing the old one doesn't have...i think, since i dont' know what it is and it says "new"
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Re: Keyser's note: PS2 games aren't playble on emulators yet. They're still in a larval state. PS1 games, on the other hand, are well-emulated, but emulator settings can be screwy and need to be changed between games, and some still don't work at all.
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i was going to ask another question about ps2 emulation, but perhaps zsazsa could expound on his statement a little?
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Basically, the emulation isn't working for real games yet. A couple games do run, but are way too slow to be playable. A good site for PS2 emulation is NGEmu. If you look at the news, people are overjoyed just to be getting games to boot and play for a few seconds. The emulators are downloadable, so you can try them, but I couldn't get any of my games to boot in the emulators at all.
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Response by poster: YPsPr is composite video - it gives better clarity than s-video etc as it uses more inputs.

PSX emulation works fine on my pc, my playstation has been gathering dust for a while.. I use a rather nice thrustmaster analog gamepad instead of the stock ps2 fare..

But I need Disgaea dammit..

So I take it nobody has tried using s-video in?
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