I'm looking for web-based annotation software
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I'm looking for web-based annotation software.

I'm imagining an application that will accept a long string of text as input (like the entire text of "King Lear.") It will then turn each word (or each line) into a hyperlink (with some good CSS so that the links just look like normal text). Then, readers can click on any word to call up a form, in which they can write a note. After writing the note, the word they clicked will change in some way (color/underline/super-scriped number after it) to indicate there's a note (or notes) attached to it. If you click one of these words, you can read the note (in another pane?) or add a new note.

Does something like this already exist (cheap or free)? Or will I need to create it myself. It doesn't sound like a very difficult coding job, but I'd rather not re-create a wheel.
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Wouldn't a wiki do this?
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I don't know too much about Wiki, but I understand the basic concept. On a Wiki, can't users edit ANYTHING on the page? If so, I don't want this. I want a way users can add footnotes that are hyperlinked to a specific word in the main text -- but I don't want them to be able to change the main text itself.

Basically, I want a standard forum system, in which people can comment on a post, but I want the comments to be linked to specific words in the original post.
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http://quicktopic.com has a free document response app that does this.
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