Project management / shared to-do list software for families?
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Project management / shared to-do list software for families?

I'm looking for to-do list software (or a service) that will allow my family to create and assign tasks to each other. The ability to put tasks in a "project" would also be appreciated.

We all have Macs, but web-based services would also be considered. Bonus points for iPhone apps.

We're willing to spend some money... but not a lot, and most task management services seem designed for businesses.

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This what Cozi does. It is specifically for families.
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We just started using Astrid for exactly this purpose. We're just using it for adults, so I don't know how it would work with younger humans, but it's been amazing so far -- shared grocery lists, project-specific to-do lists, persistent notifications, etc.
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I recommend Trello.
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Asana is designed for offices full of type-A personalities more than families. Still, it might be worth a look.
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Seconding trello - it's as simple as it gets.
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I like Orchestra.
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Cozi is nice for household management. I rolled my own using all the tools from Basecamp. It supports multiple users and lets you set up projects, todo/task lists, and a nice whiteboard for collaboration.
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We are using Basecamp
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Lists in the built-in Reminders app can be shared via iCloud.
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