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Phone Blogging. I've been browsing on my mobile for a while now, as well as maintaining a weblog in MoveableType. Is there a way that I can compose and send a MT entry from my WAP phone; or even send a picture (!), since my new phone has a camera?
PS - I can send and receive email on a WAP site through my phone
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Is blogfoot kosher? it's parent company (blogmints) doesn't seem to be.
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It looks like was recently shut down and the domain lapsed into the hands of those idiots with the bug-eyed fish logo. I don't think it's any reflection on the legitimacy of Blogfoot.
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I send pictures to my blog via an email account and a perl script....
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I've been meaning to set up a moblog-via-MT for months now (still haven't gotten down to it), and I've been referring back to for tools. See the "Software" section in the right sidebar for links.
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i use textamerica and they allow you to sport the photos on your webpage as long as you keep the text ads intact.

you can just use their templates too.
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I use the Mfop2 service, which does pretty much what you need. As long as you can e-mail from your phone that is.
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Mfop2, seconded. Great service. Kevin is a great guy!
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Mfop2 works well, and TypePad has moblogging built in and can import your MT posts. There's also some new, easier services on the way soon that are intended to make mobile posting on MT sites easier.
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