Is it possible to meet The Who before or after current shows?
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AgingBritishRockStarFilter: This is both incredibly random, and a longshot, but does anyone have any recent experience of meeting The Who on their present tour? If so, how did you manage this? Or are they fairly isolated from the likes of me (obsessive Who fanboys)? I'm going to my first show tomorrow night, and it would be a dream come true to talk to the boys, if only briefly behind the arena.
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No experience with the Who specifically, but I used to work catering/backstage area for touring bands in Seattle, and if the Who are like any other "supergroup" these days (Rolling Stones, Springsteen, U2, etc), there's almost no chance of seeing them at the venue. The backstage area of most arena shows is completely secured unless you have a pass, and even if you have a pass, you don't get to the inner sanctum where the band is unless you have a separate pass that the band itself controls (can't scam one from management, in other words...).

The bands generally drive right into the arena, as well, so there's no "meet them as they get out of the limo" option either. Your best chance to meet them is to find out where they're staying and hang out at the hotel, probably.
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If you are a millionaire playboy you might have a decent shot of buying your way into seeing them but if you are an average fan then you are going to have to risk arrest/assault like the thousands of others.
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Pete is very sheltered as they seek to keep him away from all drinking and drugs that will temp him. I saw a show at MSG with a friend who through a charity purchase of a guitar had the opportunity to meet Pete this summer on the Europe tour. He is very busy and kept at bay from the average Joe. He gave my friend 15 minutes which apparently was a long time. Roger is not generally available that I know of.

I was in London and saw Mick Jagger walking down the street outside the pub window. Ran out and he gave me an autograph. Best shot of meeting the Who is a long shot of randomly outside their hotel or something like that.

FWIW, I am a big Who fan too and this was the first time I saw the band. I had very good seats (7th row center). I was somewhat disappointed that the band was not more enthusiastic. It has been a long tour and they are old, but I felt they were just going through the motions.
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I saw them in Detroit after they had a couple of days off and they were super hyped. I was actually surprised by how much energy they had - Pete especially. Of course, they also told us that they were taping for the bootlegs and DVD, so maybe that is why they were so "on".

I was in the 8th row to the left of the stage and couldn't have been happier seeing them. We are going to see them in Grand Rapids in December (and sitting on the Pete side of the stage this time), so we'll see if they can keep the energy up after 2 more months of touring. I don't think there would have been anyway to get to them back stage (lots of security) - I agree that you would need to find a way to get closer offsite.
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I had an internship with a promoter, named Larry Leiberman, whose biggest break promoting-wise was with The Who. His "innovation" (as it were) was that babyboomers like The Who, and babyboomers have assloads of money. So what he did was jacked up the price on the front row tickets to between $300 and $1000, tossed in a gift basket and had the real treat being meeting The Who. For the $300 schlubs, that meant a handshake and a look at the equipment. For $1000 and up, you got to eat dinner with The Who before the show.
He's credited with starting the "megapricing" trend in arena shows, and people like Madonna and Elton John have similar deals.
I'm not sure if The Who still do this, as this was all before John Entwistle died, and Townshend has reportedly cut some of the fat off their touring arrangments (and Larry's long gone, having moved through MTV and Nickelodeon to run his own company promoting Big and Rich, last I heard).
So, the short answer is: Not likely at this show, mate. Next time they come through, look for the front row tix and see how much they are (and decide how much you wanna meet The Who).
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If you're crafty (and desperate), try to find out if they're staying at a hotel and look for them there. I see that you're a Seattle U student, so I'll make the leap that you're in Seattle. Seattle doesn't have that many luxury hotels...the Fairmont Olympic is the fanciest, the W is if they're on a trendy kick, the Edgewater is probably where they stayed in the 60s/70s so maybe they'll go back, who knows. I really don't know exactly how you can find out, but make some phone calls and be creative, and come up with some interesting alter egos that just have to know where they're staying. Also, as a bit of an aside, the front desk of a hotel will be very uncooperative with your stalking tracking efforts, but try talking to the cleaning staff or the gift shop'd be surprised at how much they know, and are willing to share.

Also, try calling local radio stations and see if they're setting up meet-and-greets. Beg, beg and beg. Do we even have an oldies station anymore? They might be in charge of it, if one is going to happen. Or get in touch with someone at LiveNation, who is undoubtedly promoting the show, and see if they have any events set up that you can attend as a "journalist". Do you happen to be friends with an editor at Seattle U's newspaper? Obviously it's late, but a letter from them could get you press credentials. Of course, lots of big artists book their press far in advance, so press credentials won't necessarily get you any super-special access...perhaps a pre-show press conference. I remember when Paul McCartney came to town he granted a single interview with one radio station a day or so before his concert. Outside of that, come up with a decent excuse for you to get some sort of pass and work whoever you get on the phone at LiveNation. You never know what kind of person you'll be talking to.
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IANAG (I Am Not a Groupie), but I've met quite a few bands over the years to get photos and autographs. I've always had the best luck at hotels. If you don't know for sure where the band is staying, look around at the area's luxury hotels the afternoon of the show and see if there are tour buses parked in the lot. Bands usually leave the hotel to go to the venue around 5PM-ish (time varies, of course) to do a sound check, and there are usually fewer (if any) fans waiting at the hotel around that time. If you've got the right place, situate yourself in the lobby. Keep an eye on the front door to see if a limo pulls up. You might be able to get a quick photo/autograph as they're leaving. If not, head back to the hotel right after the show. Sometimes hanging out in the hotel bar pays off (I've met members of Kiss, Queen, Blondie, Billy Squier and a few others this way); band members will stop in for a drink or two, unless they're on the wagon. Again, the lobby is a good bet, and as long as you're not dressed like a slob and you keep low-key, management won't bother kicking you out. Persistence pays off; in 1982, my friend and I were just about to give up and leave the Hyatt Regency at 4:30 when Freddie Mercury and his entourage came in. He was actually quite gracious and posed for photos with us. Good luck!
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You may want to be at the downtown Barnes & Noble at 6PM to see Pete's gf, Rachel Fuller, perform. It looks like Pete's been backing her up at her other B&N appearances., although I don't know that any of the other appearances were the same night as the Who's show. Doubt that Roger will be there, though.
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Thank you to everyone who responded. I had found out about Rachel Fuller's performance at Barnes and Noble after posting this question, and sure enough, Pete was there. Fuller's performance was great, and I got to briefly gush to Pete, as well as secure an autograph and a photo. Thanks again!
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