Extra tickets to show and no ride.
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NYCFilter: Just got four free tickets to the Tool concert tonight. Date decided not her thing... and I need a ride to Meadowlands.

Short notice and no one is available. So I'm left with three extra. Am probably going to end up on the Port Authority bus to get there. Anyone have suggestions besides PA bus and scalping them at the concert?
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stubhub.com, though it might be too short notice.
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Damn if I could afford a plane ticket I'd be NYC right now...

Try craigslist.com for new york.. probably your best bet... hurry though.

Also try the newsgroup alt.music.tool via http://groups.google.com ..
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I bet you'll be able to sell them while you're on line for the bus, or in the parking lot once you get there. I've done the same with soccer tickets many a time.
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