Used CDS, records & books in/around Waco TX?
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I'm in Waco TX for tonight and tomorrow (Fri 6th October - Sat 7th Oct) visiting family. Anytime I travel I like to visit the local record shops. I'm staying close to Baylor University. Are there any decent cool shops in the area (20 mi radius) for second hand CDs & Records? Books too while I'm at it.
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I'm not from around there myself, but boyfriend attending uni there says that "There's Hastings on Vally Mills, there is a book store on 36/77 between baylor and wal Mart."
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I don't know about records and books, but if you enjoy the stuff, I wouldn't miss getting some of the Dublin version of the nector of the gods here.
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The Hastings probably wouldn't be classified as "cool" for used CDs. But when you're in Waco, you can't be to picky.

Austin 100 miles away to the south where you can find Waterloo [6th and Lamar] or Cheapo [9th and Lamar]. These places are just OK, I wouldn't make the drive down here unless things got too boring in Waco.
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This is not an answer to your question, just an article from the Onion that speaks directly to you and which you might therefore enjoy.
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I found an interesting used CD shop in Killeen (although that was twelve years ago). I reckon it's 30 miles from Waco. Wild selection in the nearby pawn shops also, due to Killeen's proximity to Fort Hood.
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I havent been to Waco since I ran hightale out of their several years ago after spending my high school years there.. BUT i do remember that there werent any interesting CD stores at all. When Hastings came around it was a big thing just that there was somewhere to go other than Best Buy. but Hastings does, or at least used to, have a large used CD section.

As far as books go there is a really awesome independent used book store on Franklin (3112 Franklin Ave) called Goldens Book Exchange. Its small but i found some real gems there, i still miss it and i live near NYC now.

Have as much fun as possible, Waco doesnt have too much to offer other than the Dr. Pepper Museum and aspirations to climb the Alico building to sit in the giant letters.
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You could try the Branch Davidian bookstore. I haven't been in a while, it may not be open anymore. At one time it was the hottest place in Waco.

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*cues rimshot for Gungno*

Sorry, no help here, even though I'm only an hour and a half away in Fort Worth. My experience with Waco is limited, but as far as I can tell, it is home to Baylor and a stop on I35. And that's about it.
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