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I'm looking for an animated .gif that I saw on a recent deleted post, which showed an infant gesturing with its hand in a way that looked like it was stroking its (non-existant) beard, in a cheesy, yet menacing kung-fu-movie-master sort of way. Can you remember it and point me toward it?
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i also really enjoyed that thing.

here it is.
posted by fillsthepews at 11:52 AM on October 5, 2006

There's a video too.
posted by spacelux at 12:22 PM on October 5, 2006

Hmm, that link isn't working for me, but this one is.
posted by frecklefaerie at 12:31 PM on October 5, 2006

That would have been the ROBUST thread.
posted by Rhomboid at 1:50 PM on October 5, 2006

um, RHomboid, I posted it in the earlier Hood Blimp thread.
posted by MonkeySaltedNuts at 6:38 AM on October 6, 2006

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