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I'm looking for simple GIF animation freeware/cheapware. What are your faves/dogs?
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Google around for a copy of Microsoft GIF Animator. MS released it as freeware many moons ago, but was small, fast, and straightforward (unlike every other Microsoft application) and was my go-to utility before I switched to Paint Shop Pro's built-in animator.
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I use Alchemy's GIF Construction Set for all my animation needs. That plus BitMorph always satisfies.
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Unless you are using only a few colors and have rock-solid knowledge of what you are doing, you are better off using the gimp (also for windows). It is not a simple proposition, but it will not take much more time to learn the basics (save layers to animated GIFs and/or use the script fu "Load sequence") than learning a dedicated GIF animator. And you will have plenty of power left.
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Here are some freeware programs --

If you have graphics software and just want to string some GIFs into an animation:

Bone simple. Drag and drop images into the window and punch a button. Only 19K. Download/Screenshot

MS GIF Animator
Screenshots - Download

Ulead GIF Animator 2
Screenshot - Download

If you want a graphics/animation suite:

Photoplus 6
Serif Software offers free older versions of their programs with email registration. However... during the Unisys GIF brouhaha they yanked Photoplus 6 and replaced it with 5.5, a cut down version with no GIF saving and no animation capabilities. You can still snag a copy here, though. Very nice program, sort of a lo-rent Photoshop.

Graphics Gale
Last English version of a Japanese program. Includes onionskinning, a feature not found in the other freeware programs. Download

Finally, if you're okay with the gray ethics of using abandonware:

Jedor Viscosity
The most professional, full-featured suite of this bunch. Screenshot - Download (of course, you'll need to hunt down a crack for it)
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Depending on how much usefulness you want out of the software you are looking for, you might look at the Gimp. Supports animated gifs.
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