Can I move iLife extras to a network drive?
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I would like my iLife applications to have their libraries and assorted bumf (ie iDVD themes and Garageband loops) on my networked drive, clearing up space on my powerbook. I recently read about an application that did this but two days of googl'n later I'm stuck. Anyone?

I saw GarageBandAnywhere, right idea but I am sure there is and app that does it all.
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Well, you can point your iPhoto library anywhere you'd like, and can rename it something better than "iPhoto Library", while you're at it. Create a folder on your SAN, and copy the contents of your iPhoto library directory into it. Then, hold option as you double-click It'll prompt you to select an existing libarary or to create a new one. Viola!

I'd imagine something similar exists for the others; if I'm bored tonight, I'll see if I can't uncover it myself.
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I have used iTunes Library Manager with some success. Not sure how compatible it is with the new version of iTunes.

This may be pertinent also

Good luck! Please report back if you have some success. I've wrestled with this in the past myself, but haven't been overly motivated to see the fight through.
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Whooops. Borked the link to iTunes Library Manager.

Here you go.
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Bascially what you have to do, is find each library/specific folder, move it to your external drive, make an alias, and put it in the place of the original file.

You'll do this, one app at a time, test it, and continue.
Oh, and I think iDVD's themes (as I recall) are inside the app.
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Response by poster: Thanks so far, but I am quite sure there is an application that can do this for all the iLife apps (maybe any app?). It was mentioned on the internet recently, if that helps.
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