Know Any Married Bloggers?
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I'm looking for examples of well-known bloggers who are married and each has a blog (like Heather from Dooce and her husband Jon with Blurbomat) or for a blogger who seems to share a great deal about her/his marriage with their spouse's knowledge and apparent blessing. Any ideas? Thanks.
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Glenn Reynolds of Instapundit and his wife, Dr. Helen Smith, who blogs about psychology, and particularly about troubled teens.
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(I know it's Livejournal but:) Ferrett and Gini are married, and the former, especially, shares a great deal of personal stuff.
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Derek Powazek and Heather Powazek Champ (who I believe are members of this site) mainly do photoblogging, but will occasionally write as well.
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Ted and Sara of Women's Hoops Blog.
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Well-known Linux hacker Alan Cox and his wife Telsa had parallel diaries for a while. Then Alan switched to writing in Welsh, reducing his readership somewhat, and Telsa gave up for various sad reasons you can read at the link given.
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Rebecca Blood and jjg, and Kottke and Megnut (I think?), and Heather Champ and Derek Powazek, Jeffrey Zeldman and Rogue Librarian. All are mefites except I'm not sure about Rogue Librarian. I am frankly embarrassed that I even know this., plus and she and Derek run
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Kottke and Megnut are definitely married.
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(old school) and (ah, the mem'ries)
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Drew and Natalie are married. They aren't bloggers so much as webcomicers, but they do blog on their respective sites every now and again. Also they do a wonderful Tandem Comic that everyone should read.
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If you're specifically looking for internet publishers who talk a lot about their relationships, you might think of podcasts- I know Keith and the Girl spill everything, and Dawn & Drew, for starters.
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Steve Pavlina
Erin Pavlina
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Response by poster: This is so great to start with. I knew about Kottke and Megnut but wasn't sure they were married.

Keep it coming!
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Autoblography and le petit hiboux

(I don't know if they're well-known, but I know of them.)
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(old school) and (ah, the mem'ries)

I can confirm this one. I was an usher at the wedding.
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Schmutzie and Palinode

Not as well-known as Kottke, etc., but well-known enough, I think.
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Eliot and Kdunk. Does anyone else feel a little stalkerish for contributing to this thread?
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Gail Armstrong of OpenBrackets (she's blurbomat's sister, too) and Dean Allen of Textism are either married or as close as they can be to being married without actually being so.
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Ted Leung and his wife Julie.
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I am fairly sure Cinetrix of Pullquote (blogging about film) and Fesser of Gurgling Cod (blogging about, um, fish?) are married. I am 100% sure that Maud Newton of (lit blogger) and "Mr. Maud" of Artifice Eternity are married.
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The absolutely awesome Claire Robertson posts all kinds of personal stuff about her husband and kids:

Her husband Phil is over here, but he doesn't blog about Claire:
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I find this amusing (terrible design but funny nonetheless)
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Uh, I blog about my husband a lot. He's a non-blogger but he's pretty much the silent partner in my website. He's cool with it. We even had our wedding broadcast live online. I'm always getting e-mail his long-lost school friends that google his (rather rare) surname and find my site.

qwip and his missus have a joint travel blog too.
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Dutch and Wood of Sweet Juniper share a blog, but write as different authors, mostly about family life.
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There was a rumor (at least most of the way substantiated) going around that Hot Abercrombie Chick is really the work of a married couple who just graduated from Washington University, Daniel and Molly Zeigenbein.
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Bitch PhD talks about her open marriage and other stuff. Her husband posts sometimes.
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Skot is pretty open over at Izzle! Izzle pfaff!. Pretty funny, too.
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Amalah and DCFoodies are married. Not sure how well-known they are outside of my RSS reader and the DC area. If you end up using these for something somewhere, will us Mefites get a special thanks?
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I'm not sure how 'well-known' they are, but my high school English teacher is "Bernie" of and his wife is Christine, formerly of , the blog of Ms. magazine, who now also posts on
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Wil Wheaton blogs an awful lot about his family life. Not so much recently, though.
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Patrick and Teresa Nielsen Hayden both blog at Making Light
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Wil Wheaton's wife also blogs. Wheaton links to her occasionally. I think it's called 'Jesus' favourite' or something like that.
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Robyn and Fred Anderson
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In francophone-land, Laurent recently married Yves. Ebb and Hoedic are, I think, married, and blog together. And probably some more, somewhere else...
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Leahpeah and her husband Joe
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Wil Wheaton's wife also blogs. Wheaton links to her occasionally. I think it's called 'Jesus' favourite' or something like that.

That's not Wil's wife. That's one of his actor friends, Annie. I'm pretty sure his wife doesn't have a blog - she writes the occasional post (usually about the fundraising they do for cancer charities) and has Wil post it on his own blog.
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Maggie and Bryan
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The Gus (whose format predates the word 'blog') documents his life frankly, including relations with his wife Gretchen (who doesn't have much to do with the Internet, but doesn't seem to mind his musings).
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Fred Wilson (of A VC) and his wife Joanne (aka Gotham Gal) both post regularly
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I still do not believe that Natalie Dee exists. Sorry Drew. She does not exist.

Also you are not Kompressor.
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Jack and Charmaine Yoest
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