Motherboard Slot Extention?
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Modder question: I am looking to build a very thin case-mod and wonder/cant find if a MB (PCI/Graphics/RAM) slot extention cable exists?

In my thin case-mod I do not have enough room (height) to have video and sound cards sticking up out of the motherboard. Is there such a thing as a PCI or Graphic Slot or RAM slot extention; that is, a male insert for the slot connected to a ribbon with a female end for the component?
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Try searching for PCI ribbon riser.
posted by Good Brain at 4:21 PM on October 2, 2006

PCI and friends here. For tiny casemods, is your friend.

You won't find the same for RAM, the signaling's too crazy. But you can get low-profile RAM that won't stick up as far.

Mostly you won't get much thinner than 1 1/2" or so, which fits into a case that fits in a single rack unit.
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Response by poster: RISER! (Smack on head) Thanks GB and mendel.
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