Chinese Inscription Translation
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What do the Chinese inscriptions on my art say?

I've owned three Chinese screens for several years, and have long wondered what the text on each says. I can get some from being able to read Japanese, but I'm hoping a Chinese-speaker or two can help me get the whole deal.

Screen One

Screen Two

Screen Three
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Best answer: 1) Top to bottom: Autumn pond, white heron, Buo Wen (artist's name)

2) Artist's signature: Zhou [something]

3) Poetry! This is just what it says, not an exact transliteration.
Far right, top-bottom: High mountains, steep peaks, [something] icy chill
Mid: Going sailing (for leisure), one must look for a lull in the snow.
Left: Third Rat year (according to the sexagenary cycle), [artist's name] painted
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Response by poster: Wowsers! Fast work. Thanks much.
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