Chinese translation needed for special painting
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My father passed a few months ago and left behind a painting that he picked up while residing in China many decades ago. We don't know much about the story behind the painting but would at least like to know what the artist's name was. Can anyone tell us what the Chinese on the painting says? Picture links inside.

Here are pictures of different parts of the signature(s?) and seals, and at the end one of the entire painting, which is quite pretty. Sorry if the picture quality isn't the best, I'm not in the same country as the painting and it's what I was sent (but could ask for more pictures if needed):

Top corner

center portion

Big seal on bottom

Full picture

I would be super grateful for any translation or information!
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Best answer: Since the hive mind isnt its usual super fast self, I'll recommend Reddit. I'm pretty sure they have several translation and Chinese forums.
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Best answer: I was hoping for someone more well versed in Chinese calligraphy and stamps to answer this, but since there have been no answers here I'll take a shot.

The first picture says "Mr Shi Quan (illegible phrase)" - but the phrase starts with 指, which means "finger" or "point" but usually means "guidance" or some such when used in a phrase. I don't think it's the artist's name, but probably an acknowledgement to the artist's teacher. The name of the artist is probably in the stamp, which I can't read.

The second picture says "Dickson American Chinese collaboration/cooperation". At least I think it says Dickson, as the transliteration could be for any number of variations on the Chinese sound "dí shēng".

Sorry for the mangled half-translation!
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