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Help me find collaborative hex-mapping software.

I'm looking for a way that a group of people playing a web-based MMO with hex movement can work together on mapping play areas.

The best thing I've found so far is gametable, but it seems a bit crude, and I'd prefer something more wikilike -- or at least something with an online editor, so we don't have to pass map files around.

Does anyone know of anything that might be useful here?
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Vassal? You'd probably have to write your own module (with which I can't give you any guidance), but it seems like it would be a relatively easy one to do.

It is meant for simultaneous online ('live') play, which is kind of the same as collaborative. And it does hexmaps obviously. And it is Java, which for all its problems means you can use it on Windows/Mac/Linux. I bet you could make it work for your purpose with a bit of effort.
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