Any competitors to Airfoil?
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Are their any competitors to Airfoil for Mac? I like the program and can't find anything else, but want to make sure I'm not missing something cheaper and/or better b/f I shell out 25 bucks. Thanks.
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It's the only thing like it I've seen. I paid for it and I think it's worth the money, if only to get my music from to my sterio.
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What do you use airfoil for? There is a runaround involving setting up a shoutcast streaming server as an output from whatever program you are using (WinAmp, VLC, etc) and then having iTunes tune into the stream and outputting to the Airport. Also, if you can code, check out justePort.

I think AirFoil is well worth it, and I don't know of any competitors.
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Response by poster: OK. Just bought it. Thanks.
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