Help me find a fake company's site.
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A while back, a designer friend tipped me off to an amusing web site that appeared to be a high-end consulting/design firm. Upon further reading, it becomes clear that the site is a parody, filled with all sorts of (well written) buzzwords and nicely styled layouts. It's a parody of consulting/design sites, I guess. Hard to describe. I'm hoping, dear hive mind, that my NyQuil-tinted remembrance of this site is enough.
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Best answer: HuhCorp. We Do StuffTM
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"When we deliver your new designs and business strategies to you, they'll be in really snazzy binders that look nice sitting on big, round meeting tables, so you'll think you got your money's worth. When your project has been completed, we'll give you several follow-up phone calls to give the appearance that we even remember who you are or what we sold you."

Funny because it's true.
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Not exactly what you're talking about, but Mjau-mjau is a really interesting use of WAYYYYY too much flash...
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Snark Hunting a while back was guessing that Paguirigan but perhaps not.

Who needs parody when the world is littered with the real thing?
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Response by poster: (Odd, I can't seem to mark the responses)

It's HuhCorp. Thanks, ericb!
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Response by poster: Oh, NOW it's marked. Sheesh.
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