Do you know any fake James Bond title songs?
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Do you know any fake James Bond title songs?

I'm looking for songs that sound like James Bond title songs, but aren't. They could be parodies (like "The Man Made of Guns" by Kris Straub), fake title themes (like on Arling & Cameron's "Music for Imaginary Films"), or just songs that seem inspired by James Bond themes (such as Robbie Williams's "Millennium"). Any recommendations?
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The theme from McBain, from The Simpsons, is pretty clearly a parody. "The rules that constrain other men, mean nothing to McBain. The punches that bring pain to other men, mean nothing to McBain." It's available on the CD 'Go Simpsonic'.
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Propellerheads did a remix of On Her Majesty's Secret Service that is really good. Not sure if that falls under what you're after though.
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Miss Moneypenny by Placebo
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Masters Of The Obvious have a great tune called "The Razor's Edge," which is a pastiche of James Bond-styled themes and lyrics like "On the edge of a cliff, with a gun and a girl, I am fighting a zeppelin . . ."
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Oh, it's all about Snake Eater, the theme from Metal Gear Solid 3. It's particularly awesome because the lyrics are so bizarre.

I will now crawl back into my nerd hole.
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Blotto: Secret Agent Man
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And there's an action theme in the TV show "Chuck" (not the title song) with a very James Bond-ish sound.
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The "...Flint" sountracks.
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"Down on Love" from Ferry Corsten's album L.E.F seems like a Bond thing, but then again I've only seen a couple of the movies. Check it out here.
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Another from The Simpsons: Scorpio, theme song of the Bond-villianesque Hank Scorpio:
He'll sting you with his dreams of power and wealth
Beware of Scorpio!
His twisted twin obsessions are his plot to rule the world and his employees' health

He'll welcome you into his lair
Like the nobleman welcomes his guest
With free dental care
And a stock plan that helps you invest

But beware of his generous pensions
Plus three weeks paid vacation each year
And on Fridays the lunch room
Serves hot dogs and burgers and beer!

He loves German beer!
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Over on Metafilter Music, COBRA! has a tune up called Assassins Never Cry, and also a remake (perhaps in name only) of Octopussy.
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I think the Propellerheads must really like Bond themes because they wrote a song called History Repeating and Shirley Bassey (of Goldfinger fame) sang it. It wasn't actually a Bond song, but it sure sounds like it. Also Portishead's Sour Times has that 70s loungey vibe that I think the Bond themes go for, even when they are electronic monstrosities (Madonna!)
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Alice Cooper recorded "The Man with the Golden Gun" (from the "Muscle of Love" album) hoping it'd be used as the film's title song. It wasn't.
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If you can find it, 'No One Lives Forever' was a pseudo-60's spy-caper video game, heavily inspired by Bond, and the Avengers, and the 'spy movie' feel in general. The Game of the Year edition included a CD of music written for and inspired by the game. I've lost my CD over the years, but it fits what you're looking for perfectly.
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The Dr. Evil theme song, of course, by TMBG.
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The Title Theme from Monty Python's Life of Brian.
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Best answer: Björk's "Bachelorette" always reminds me of a Bond song; as does Pizzicato Five's "Twiggy Vs. James Bond" (for obvious reasons).
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Barry Adamson's Deja Voodoo has that feel. As does Sour Times by Portishead.
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Will Wuha - X-Spy, a Chinese James Bond pop song
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"Snake Eater" from Metal Gear Solid 3 counts, including the visuals associated with it.
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Seconding the Life of Brian title theme:
The first 19 seconds
The remaining 2:32
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You might find something of interest in the answers to this related question.
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Best answer: "I Close My Eyes" by Shivaree sounds like one to me.
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The New James Bond by Eddie from Ohio.
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(Depending on how you define "fake", arguably any post-"From Russia With Love" soundtrack composed by the likes of Lalo Schifrin, Jerry Goldsmith, or John Barry himself might qualify. However, it appears you're more interested in vocal themes than instrumental, incidental music.)

Serious: Lalo Schifrin's title theme to The Liquidator performed by Shirley Bassey

Semi-serious: Lee Hazlewood's title theme to The Last of the Secret Agents? performed by Nancy Sinatra

Not at all serious: "Spy Type Guy" from the soundtrack to The Man Called Flintstone
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Hello Mr. zebra by Tori Amos has a strong Bond vibe and references Moneypenny.
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Well, anything Shirley Bassey's done is Bond material.
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"Spy" by They Might Be Giants might work for you.
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Best answer: Seconding that Portishead Track. I remember among Bond fans there was something of a grass roots movement to get them selected to do the next one.

Another song I think of as "our Bond Movie audition number" is Human from Goldfrapp's Felt Mountain album. (That version actually isn't quite the album mix but, if anything, it sounds even more Bond-esque. You really could use that track just as recorded.
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Best answer: espionage by green day got them a grammy nomination for instrumental music. It's a great spy song.
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Tokyo A Go Go by the Magnetic Fields
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I always thought Turn Back Time by Aqua (yes, that Aqua) would make a great Bond song.
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Aston Martin by Elcka
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Bentley Rhythm Ace has three songs - "On Her Majesty's Secret Whistle", "The Spy Who Loved Moose" and "The Man With The Golden Toast" - and one album, "For Your Ears Only".
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Dionne Warwick - Mr. Kiss Kiss Bang Bang was going to be the title song for Thunderball, but got replaced.
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Well, there's Closet Romantic - the Damon Albarn song from the end of Trainspotting which lists every Bond film title.

You might also want to check out the work of David Holmes, especially This Films Crpa Lets Slash The Seats (a fake soundtrack album) and Radio 7 from Lets Get Killed (a take on the Bond Theme)
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geekyguy: "Will Wuha - X-Spy, a Chinese James Bond pop song"

D'oh. Fixed the link.
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Just today I heard "Lucifer Sam" by Pink Floyd. YouTube link. Its Bondish quality is only at the beginning, but it's unmistakable, at least to me.
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Most of United Future Organizations work.
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