Cannot install QuickTime or iTunes
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EarlyAdopterFilter: I've been very excited for iTunes 7, but it seems I've screwed myself during the process. I can no longer run iTunes 7 or install Quicktime!

For some reason, iTunes 7 would not mount my iPod unless I rebooted with my iPod connected. I referred to this article from Apple's site and followed the steps to do a "hard" uninstall of iTunes.

After a successful reinstall, iTunes would not open because I was running Quicktime 7.0d0 and version 7.1.3 was required. I uninstalled again and attempted to install Quicktime standalone, which would not allow me to install because "a new version of Quicktime is installed."

Now I'm stuck in limbo - iTunes won't run because I'm using an outdated version of QuickTime, and QuickTime won't install because a newer version is already installed (which is impossible because I'm installing the most recent version). I've tried the Windows Install Cleanup program from Microsoft as well as searching the registry for any keys containing the QT version #. I've also deleted the Temp directory and anything in Application Data related to QuickTime.

I understand this might just be a (huge) bug in the new version and that Apple may very well have a fix soon. But hey, let's fix it vigilante style!
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As a side note, my install (WinXP) went fine except for the complete disappearance of all my music. Luckily I back up the library files before I install a new version of iTunes, and copying them over did the trick. It would appear that there's still plenty of bugs/kinks to be worked out, though.
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iTunes 7 is suddenly chock-full of bugs, judging from the flurry of postings I've seen elsewhere online today. I'm certainly not upgrading until it's patched up.
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Uninstall both.

Then reinstall.

That's the windows voodoo.
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Delete the QuickTime and QuicktimeVR files located in the C:\Windows\system32\ folder. This should stop the QT installer from detecting a "newer" version of QuickTime. Should. :)
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