What gym would you recommend in Manhattan or Brooklyn?
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What have been the experiences of MeFites with gyms in Manhattan and Brooklyn?

My old gym membership just expired and I would like to find a new place to work out. I live in Williamsburg; somewhere in the area or along the L train would be ideal.

Specifically - What gyms stand out for you in terms of equipment/classes/facilities? What gyms are the must-avoids? Which offer the most bang for the buck?
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I like the YMCA in Greenpoint (Meserole and Lorimer).
*40 dollars per month. 33 for students.
*Good pickup basketball games on Tuesday and Wednesday nights.
*Decent weights, bikes, treadmills, etc.
*Very nice staff.
*Very tiny pool.
*Very clean facilities.
*Open late.
*Lots of yoga and exercise classes for free with membership.
I recommend it.
(On the other hand, the McBurney Y on 14th and 6th is pretty incredible.)
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When I was a member of the Long Island City YMCA, it was insanely crowded all of the time, filled with obnoxious teenagers and had a half-hour limit on the cardio machines. Different branches might have different policies and vibes but the whole experience soured me on the YMCA.

The Bally's branch near Penn Station wasn't that bad but my employer was paying the tab. I have heard that Bally's has a really horrible reputation for (clearing throat) creative use of your credit card number, once you've handed it over. So you might not want to pay your own way with them.

That's been my experience so far.
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L-train-handy gyms people I know like: the McBurney Y (14th & Sixth) and Exodus on Metropolitan between the L and the BQE. (Though you may want to look at this thread on Ask a New Yorker, though, which claims Exodus is "cracked out.")
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When I lived in the neighbourhood, I used to go to the 14th St Y on 14th and 1st (right by the L stop). It's new, uncrowded and reasonably priced. Has a decent pool as well. I loved it. It is however kind of small.
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If you're perchance an NYU alum, NYU's Palladium Athletic Facility on 14th between Irving and 3rd has the nicest pool in Manhattan, as well as good weight and cardio rooms and generally decent basketball.
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Palladium is really nice, if you're an alum (and you can also access Coles; it looks like it will run you about $500 for the whole year). They also have all kinds of memberships for NYU faculty, staff, and also apparently something for police and fire people, if that's you.

That said, Palladium is horrifically crowded anytime after 5. As in waiting an hour for a treadmill crowded. I hear it's much better in the mornings, but ...
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I only workout at Xclusive ;)
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Right up the street from the Greenpoint Y is Otom, a mom/pop joint that is 24 hours most of the week.

It's worth checking out-- no "scene" except Polish meathead body-builders and local residents. You can simply take the B61 bus from wherever you are in Williamsburg, or walk up from the Nassau stop on the L.

I've been a member for about a month and like how simple and old-fashioned it seems. I'm tempted by the pool at the Y, but their adult lap swimming is pretty sporadic, and plus I don't want to give money to an organization that discriminates against hiring homosexuals. Tra la la.
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Re: Bally's, keep in mind that they have a 2-tiered club system now with regular gyms and their 'sports club' gyms. The Bally Sports Club at Worldwide Plaza (49th/8th Ave.) is actually a very decent gym with a good towel service. Some of the regular-tier Bally gyms around NYC aren't as nice though (the 54th Street one in particular seems like someplace you might have found Bette Midler in the 1970's).
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Hermitosis, the Williamsburg city pool on Bedford & Metropolitan is decent for lap swimming and only $75 a year if you want cheap pool access & to avoid the Y.

Also, the Palladium pool is not the nicest in New York. That would have to be Chelsea Piers or Asphalt Green. But it's nice.
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Not Crunch. I hear horror stories about them and membership. Scumbags.
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