Should I get an agent?
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As a video editor, should I get an agent?

I've been steadily building up my reel over the last 24 months with a feature, a handfull of shorts, some motion graphics and marketing material. I've had some success and made a bit of money but I think the time is right to take my career more seriously before I have to apply for that wait staff position again. My goal is to eventually join A.C.E.

Do editors (Avid, Final Cut, After Effects) often have agents? I hear a "full service agency" might be what I need, but frankly I don't know (which is why I'm asking here!!)

Thanks for an insight... (I live in L.A.)
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yes, editors are repped or attached to editing houses. check out the usual suspects: cosmo street, smuggler, tool of north america, biscuit filmworks. look at the gfx houses ... fuel, stardust, etc pp. not sure who reps editors but yes, they have representation.
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At our post facility the in-house producers take care of pushing our editors. All the freelance editors that I know rep themselves.

If you're looking to become a career editor, then I would look into working for a post facility before trying to freelance full time. Don't expect to get hired as an editor though, you'll likely have to assist first.

80% of our jobs is building relationships with people. The other 20% is a combination of artistic and technical knowledge.

Establishing relationships with producers and directors early on is worth far more than what an agent is going to drum up for an editor.
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