Seeking web based random text generator
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I'm looking for a web-based (preferrably PHP) random text generator that generates grammatically-correct sentences based on a random vocabulary. I'd like to find an app that uses actual grammar (transitive/intransitive verbs, verb and noun phrase combinations and nesting, conjunctions, stacked clauses, etc.), rather than just markov chains. Also, I'd like to find something fairly robust, rather than just some javascript that slaps words together. Any suggestions?
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(And that was meant in jest, oissubke. Unless you actually are starting a spam house, in which case it was meant in the most impolite manner possible.)
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LOL no, no spam house here, though you're very clever for pointing out the shady connections! For the record, though:

Dec 22: oissubke Asks for a random name generator.
I write fiction, and it wouldn't hurt for finding baby names either. :-)

oissubke Asks for a way to speed up the process of sending Windows Messenger messages.
It was more about sending it to people connected to a specific server that I administer, rather than accidentally sending to everyone on the domain (which, as the "Hey!" kid knows, is no fun at all).

oissubke Asks for a name for his new company.
It's a web design company. Apart from a newsletter, I don't do any e-mail related work.

oissubke Asks for a way to automatically generate Bayesian-bane plain English sentences.
I'm a James Joyce fan. :-)
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I have the parts to such an application (or something close) that have been lying unused for several months since I pulled them from my website because they were being abused.

Drop me an email (see my profile) if you want, and I'll try to give you an idea of what the code that I have can and cannot do.
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