Trillian monkey emoticon sound?
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To all Trillian users: Does anyone else remember that the monkey emoticon used to make a sound? [more inside]

It was about Mid-July of last year that I noticed that the monkey didn't make a sound anymore. I got into a big arguement with a friend about this because he insisted that it never made a sound. I can't be making it up. I remember using it often, if only to hear the goofy monkey sound.

So I did some research. I checked the Trillian forums to see if anyone else noticed it, and came up empty. All I found were people asking for a monkey sound to be added, or people saying that you could get a sound in different skins. I never had a different skin (always used the basic one), so that can't be how I've heard it.

I tried googling it and came up with a table that listed emoticons and sounds that the various IM programs use. It listed Trillian Pro as having the monkey noise, but I don't use that version.

Am I insane? Or did the monkey sound disappear? (And yes, I realize that by asking a question about a disappearing monkey sound that I could be viewed as insane.)
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yes the monkey used to make a sound and the toilet used to make a flushing sound. i think it might have something to do with the various emoticon packs there are, which come with different skins. but in the default skin for the latest pro version the monkey is no longer cheeky and the toilet is silent. not much fun.
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nevermind, genie's ass that i am i forgot to turn on my trilly sounds before i checked the monkey and the toilet. so i guess you need the pro version to hear 'em.
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But I don't understand why I used to be able to hear them - never having had the Pro version. Why, oh why would Trillian take them away from me? :(
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Did you switch off emotisounds?
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if your emotisounds are on and there's no happy cheeky monkey sound in the current free version, i'm going to assume that they removed them from regular free trilly to make them a special goodie for pro trilly.
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Other sounds work fine.

t r a c y - you're probably right. Just seems rude to take something away without warning.

Since I use this application almost every day, I should probably show my support and pony up for the Pro version. Then I'd get my monkey back.
posted by MsVader at 1:13 PM on January 12, 2004

Pro rocks. Really worth the small amount.
posted by madmanz123 at 5:08 PM on January 12, 2004

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