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Can anyone recommend good books/articles on the history and reasons for the ongoing conflict in Sri Lanka?
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The first thing that comes to mind is Philip Gourevitch's very good article from an August 2005 New Yorker, published about a year after the tsunami. It takes a very pessimistic attitude towards the violence.
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For a broad perspective of conflict in the region -- Robert Johnson's 'A Region in Turmoil.'

Also, consider John Richardson's 'Paradise Poisoned.'

Also -- check out Asia Times Online: 'The Untiold Story.'
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*The Untold Story*
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Nada. Bright Eyes reference though?
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Nobody does it like War Nerd.
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Thaks for these, and apologies if the Bright Eyes reference offends. (It's a tiny tribute to my late friend Paul Carter's work.)
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It's fiction, but Anil's Ghost may be of interest to you.
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