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Johnny Cash question: I've got the new Unearthed compilation, and want more listening recommendations based on my favourites. Anyone? [inside]

So far, I'm totally single-repeat-mode hooked on:
Mercy Seat
When The Man Comes Around

and am looking for more of that gravelly-yet-subtle tone that those songs have, along with their catchy guitarness. I'm a bit put off by what -- right now, at least -- seems dullness in the hymn-based tracks. And I have heard no other J.Cash, so am lost.
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The two prison albums - At San Quentin and At Folsom Prison (get the latter first) are really the only crucial port of call, IMHO.
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The Unearthed box set contains Outtakes and Alternate takes from the Rick Ruben produced American Recordings sessions. I would suggest getting the four American albums. They are:

American Recordings
American III: Solitary Man
American IV: When the Man Comes Around.
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If you want to hear the man in his fiery youth, go with The Sun Years, a Rhino collection. All of the foundation songs are there, like I Walk The Line and Hey Porter.

Of course, there are so many Cash collections out there, you could take your pick and just make sure you hear some of essential contemplative songs: Sunday Morning Coming Down, The Long Black Veil, I Still Miss Someone....
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If you want to keep it to the American Recordings stuff, Unchained is probably your best bet. There's uptempo numbers, ballads, and his voice is in great form. He covers Beck, Soundgarden, Dean Martin, the Louvin Brothers, Tom Petty, and maybe a few others on that. (In addition to originals.) If you want to branch out, pick up Live at Folsom, one of the best live albums ever recorded, and one of my top three albums of all-time.
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I'll second the nomination for the song, When The Man Comes Around and the Live at Folsom Prison album. So good.

The VH1 storytellers album he did with Willie Nelson was pretty good as well. The intro, Ghost Riders in the Sky was great.
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