Where are great museums in the American Southeast?
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Can anyone suggest any really great art museums in the Southeast US? The girlfriend and I both have a long weekend coming up and need something to do. Specifically thinking in the states of TN, NC, SC, GA, VA...
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The Walter Anderson Museum in Ocean Springs Miss should be pretty amazing. Depending on how far north you're going, the Smithsonian in DC is also having a Walter Anderson retrospective.

You could always do a folk art tour and hit dozens of galleries, maybe stop by Howard Finster's place.
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The High in Atlanta.
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There is the High Museum in Atlanta. It's fantastic, and there are plenty of other things to do in Atl if you get tired of looking at pictures.
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The Hunter Museum in Chattanooga is not as large as others, but it has a fair collection of American art, both modern and classic. Its location gives you a perfect view of the Tennessee River and puts you within walking distance of great coffee at Rembrandt's and homemade pasta at Tony's.
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The Chrysler Museum in Norfolk, VA has a good exhibition of art glass through April. Skip the Virginia Museum.
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Funny, I was going to suggest the Virginia Museum. ( I'd be curious to know why Machaus recommend skipping it. I tend to like smaller, quite museums.)

I can't think of any "really great" art museums in the south-east -- unless you're including DC. Not only does DC have some of the best museums in the world but they are mostly free.

You're leaving from Johnson City, TN? How about the new contemporary Art Museum in Cincinnati? Or -- this may sound odd -- the Clay Center in Charleston, WV was displaying a fine (albeit small) collection in their gallery. While there, I can recommend the Blossom Deli for eats (and their sister restaurant in the city market -- the name escapes me), and Taylor Books for, well, books. And magazines and coffee.
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I can't imagine how the High showed up on this list. It's a very nice building (IM Pei designed), but the art collection is mediocre at best. And the traveling exhibits are small and can be crowded. If you're looking for a good art museum, look elsewhere. If you're looking for a just-ok art museum in a very nice and fun for a weekend city, then it might work for you.
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Err, It's a very nice building, Richard Meier designed.
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The VA museum has a nice 20th century collection thanks to the Lewis' generosity, but that's about it. If you like pop art and abstract expressionism, by all means go. The upcoming exhibitions however, look pretty tame. It's like most small museums. They have one of almost everything, but the one they have is not that artist's best work.
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The High is merely okay (and I say that as a former member for the four-plus years I lived in Atlanta.) I do really like the building, and the High's Folk Art & Photography Gallery (in the Georgia-Pacific building downtown) is nice as well.

I really like the Mint Museum in Charlotte, NC. (IMHO, it's the best thing about Charlotte.) It's small and well-chosen.
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