What happened to Triumph vs. Eminem???
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Triumph vs. Eminem?

Does anyone happen to know where I can see the HILARIOUS video clip of Triumph the insult dog go at it with Eminem at the 2002 (I think) VMA's? What happened with the comedy dog? I can't find this or the Moby video anywhere, just his music stuff. There was also a hilarious clip that went around of him on a local Hawaii newscast giving the weather people hell. WTF? Did this guy get sued or something?

/bored and nostalgic on a Sunday...
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Here's the Hawaii one.
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According to Triumph's Wikipedia entry, he has made appearances in the last year. Clips might be harder to find since NBC seems to be quite aggressive in keeping unauthorized clips off of Youtube (and other places, I would imagine). Though, as iconomy shows, you're bound to find them eventually.

Conan has said in interviews that they purposely limit the amount of Triumph they have on the show so they don't run his character into the ground. So maybe they figured that after the CD and DVD, it was time to show even less of him for a while.

There's not much on Robert Smigel's imdb entry to indicate what he's working on these days.
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Hadn't seen this before. God, what a prick, even on stage after he won.

DUDE. You WON AN AWARD. Your life does not suck enough to ACT LIKE A SHITHEAD.
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My absolutely favorite: Triumph Versus The Star Wars Nerds.
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Robert Smigel later said he felt bad for Eminem-- that Eminem had no idea what was going on, got criticized for having no sense of humor, but Smigel didn't blame him for being pissed, in a way.
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Response by poster: omfg that star wars thing is funny as hell...thanks again...
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