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Stock Footage Filter: Need trippy, psychedelic imagery (I've already exhausted Prelinger).

I know similar questions have been asked before but most answers point to, which I've already combed extensively.

I need wierd, trippy overlays for a psychedelic music video. Kalediscopes, old space documentaries with crude animations, etc. Vintage is the best look so Corbis and Getty probably aren't going to cut it. The images will be very heavily manipulated in After Effects (God bless difference mode), to the point where I'm not worried about copyright infringement.

Just wondering if there anyone knows of any centralized suppositories of such videos that I should peruse before I resort to random Googling/YouTube and ripping old Nova videos.

I've already resigned myself to the fact that there very well might not be so I'd also welcome any suggestions as to tripped out DVDs to rent. Again, I'm not too worried about copyright, but still - the more obscure the better. I found some good stuff in a bunch of 60s anti-drug propeganda videos.

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"to the point where I'm not worried about copyright infringement."

Um.. you should be worried about it. Profiting from theft is wrong.
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Make your own. Most of the old psychedelic concert backdrops were just oil in water on a projecter.
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Response by poster: While I appreciate your concern for my legal well being I'm familiar with copyright law, particularly fair-use scenarios and I'm confident that I'm not going to end up in the slammer over this one.

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timothy leary.
and again.
also, LSD.
check the sidebars for all those.
if manipulation content found on the internets is wrong then i dont wanna be right.
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This isn't a movie to download, but I caught a band last night using the old-school projector/colored oil and water thing, and something that caught my geeky eye that would be super easy to do in After Effects was two transparencies with close-set lines being moved over one another, creating a moire effect. Combined with some other imagery, it could look pretty cool.
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You should search for Chromakey, the effect used in many, many "psychedelic" videos from the sixties.
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I do not think it means what you think it means.
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Response by poster: Inconcievable.

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Response by poster: ...aaaaaaand spelled wrong. Too much whiskey.
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Go to Historic Films and pay for it. They have reasonable rates, and they're one of the largest centralized suppositories I know of. (So remember to buy extra lube.)
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