Instruction for proper Japanese bowing technique
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A humorous visual guide to proper Japanese bowing technique. Does anyone have a link?

A while back I remember seeing a humorous visual guide a Japanese artist had prepared about proper Japanese bowing technique. It depicted different bows depending on the magnitude of the apology. In the most extreme case, the person was supposed to dig a hole, to ensure his head would be low enough, close to the ground. Does anyone remember this, and if so, do they have a link?
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Best answer: It is this?
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Grammar fail. [Insert appropriate bow]
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I would bet you are right, CKmtl. Most of "The Japanese Tradition" videos are pretty amusing.
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This may not be it, but the first thing that popped to mind is the How To Bow site, an extensive and cute flash tutorial. Unfortunately most of iit's gone behind a paywall.
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Response by poster: Bang on, CKmtl! Searching on google all I could find were links to Kyudo (Japanese archery).
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For anybody who's interested, these guys are the Rahmens (official site in Japanese). They're probably most well-known for appearing in the Japanese version of the Get a Mac ads from a couple years ago.
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