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What are some good suggestions for Dim Sum, Indian, and Sushi in Seattle

Bonus points for ones that are open on Sunday and closer to down town.
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Response by poster: I know there are already a couple of mefi posts on this subject already, but I couldn't find one that specifically asked about dim sum or indian, so I just threw the sushi in there because i was already asking.

Thanks for any suggestions.
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Best answer: For sushi go to Aoki on Broadway (Capitol Hill), and for dim sum I would have to say Ocean City (International District). Especially Ocean City (sooooo good)!
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You can't swing a dead salmon without hitting a good sushi place in Belltown. Just wander along 1st & 2nd between say Blanchard & Wall. Ocean City for dim sum. I haven't found any good Indian joints near downtown, just not a big community here.
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Sushi - Mashiko in West Seattle is most admired and often visited by my circle in Seattle. Sit at the counter and do it chef's choice.

For dim sum, check out the Seattle Dim Sum blog! The authors are trying to visit every dim sum spot in the Seattle area.

For (northern) Indian food, my husband loves Shalimar in the U district.
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I like Mori on 85th. Chiso in Fremont. Saito and Shiro in Belltown for sushi.

I usually go the The House of Hong in the ID and JUMBO on Rainier and Genesee for dim sum.
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For Indian, I like Bengal Tiger on Roosevelt north of 65th, as well as Tandoor on the Ave north of 50th. For Sushi, there's tons of good sushi, but I'm fond of Kisaku on 55th, south of Greenlake.
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Indian -- The Tandoor on upper University avenue (don't miss the Butter Chicken)
Sushi -- Musashi's in Wallingford (maybe not on a Sunday tho, sadly) or Nishino's (upscale; incredible; Madison Valley)
Dim Sum -- House of Hong, baby! In the International District; get there before too late in the afternoon for the most variety.
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Sushi-- I Love Sushi.

Dim Sum-- Jumbo's, which is seriously yummy and has the added advantage of being attached to a laquer-and-scrollwork hallucination of a furniture store.
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We're crazy for the Indian food at Taste of India on Roosevelt and its sister restaurant, Cedars on Brooklyn. The chicken coconut curry is the single best Indian dish I have ever had anywhere.
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Lets see....

Kisaku - a bit on the pricier side but AMAZING - most of the Mariners go there when they're looking for sushi. I'm a sushi fanatic and in my opion its hands down the best, not to mention the service is impecable.

Rain in Wallingford (on 45th) - this place is great as well, a close second. The owner used to be the head chef at Wasabi Bistro (a great place as well). Atmosphere is casual. Its a small place but worth the visit, trust me. Make sure to try to the Jenny Role.

Ohana's in Belltown - good sushi with a young vibe. If you're looking to go out with friends downtown after dinner this is a great place to start. Not a 'date' place. Be prepared for a wait on the weekends.

Being of Indian descent I know good Indian food when I taste it. That being said, Cedars in the U-District (Brooklyn Ave I believe) is great. I haven't eaten there in a few years due to the owner. I used to have a few friends (females) in college that worked there and they were appalled with the owner. Apparently 'sexual harassment' isn't in his vocabulary - he couldn't take his eyes off his femal employee's chest to say the least. Foods great but I don't eat there due to the owner.

Indian food in the U-District (the Ave/Roosevelt/etc) is ok...with the exception of Cedars. If your looking for authentically good food look elsewhere. I wish I could be of more help than that but I get more than my share of good Indian food at home.

Hope this helped!
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I really like Maneki for sushi (I think its Seattle's oldest sushi place).

I'm happy with Chutney's up on Capitol Hill for Indian (though I'm sure there is better).
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Response by poster: went to Ocean City, it was delicious, although it was frightening because there were not a lot of people in the restaurant.
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I vote for Maharaja's on Cap Hill for best Indian in Seattle, and they deliver.
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