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Where to get sushi on Friday/Saturday nights in Seattle?

Visiting Seattle in a few weeks for one weekend. Looking for good sushi on the less expensive side in downtown Seattle (preferably around Pike St. area, but within a mile or so from there is fine). I have googled around a bit and found a lot of places that look alright (and reviews going back and forth) but I know Mefites in the area will probably be WAY more reliable. Let's hear it, Seattle...where's the best sushi?
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Nijo Sushi Bar and Grill
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I got some great suggestions from folks here. We ended up going to Nishino, which was spectacularly good, but neither close to downtown nor on the less expensive side.
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For good AND cheap (with more emphasis on cheap) Hana up on Capitol Hill is a great value. I go there often.
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We love Shiro's: in my opinion, it's the best sushi in Belltown/Downtown, and an experience in itself if you manage to get a seat at the bar and talk to Shiro. It's pretty expensive, though.

If you're willing to hop on a bus and venture out to Wallingford, Kisaku is amazing!
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Shiro's is ridiculously expensive and not anywhere near as good as it used to be. I'm not sure what's going on there but I know Shiro has partially retired so maybe the mice are playing while the cat's away. I never eat there anymore despite the fact that my condo is about two blocks down.

However I LOVELOVELOVE Kisaku! So inexpensive and so consistently good. And after dinner you can walk down the block to Hiroki for dessert!
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Hana has the best spicy tuna rolls evar. (spicy tuna rolls are what you do with lower-grade tuna, but I like 'em so nyeah)

Seattle doesn't hurt for good sushi though, there aren't many bad places, just less good places.

Thing is, you're visiting. You want a unique experience. i suggest you try Mashiko's in West Seattle. It's really, really good. Like, fancy-pants fine dining good. It's a bit expensive, (You could spend $40-$50 on dinner) but it's worth it. If you can do the omakase, you should.
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I was just at Mashiko's the other night, awesome sushi and a great sign in the waiting area:

* Chopsticks are not drumsticks
* Soy sauce is not a beverage
* You don't need spicy mayo for everything
* Servers like tips
* And something else that I forget
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A single data-point on Shiro's: my wife and I ate there after some high recommendations, and it's about as good as the cheap sushi we can get here in Madison, WI. YMMV
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Transplanted from Seattle to Orlando five years ago. I get back in town twice a year, Mashiko is the only restaurant I make a point of returning to.

I've done omakase a few times and have never been disappointed with anything sent out, and have found them accomodating to dietary concerns. Hajime, the owner, is a great guy to spend time with at the bar, so if you can sit up there and watch him work and chat, he will teach you a lot.

I would be jealous of your proximity, but I will be there in a month, so I will have my share soon. I do agree it is costly, but it's a splurge well worth the money.
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Response by poster: Thanks to everyone, I really appreciate it. I am sure we will end up someplace great!
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