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can anyone recommend a good DIY/home improvement guide on-line?

UK site would be a plus.
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Make has some good DIY projects.
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Best answer: Well, there are lots of DIY/home improvement resources, but they vary in the quality, quantity and types of content that they offer. There really isn't one definitive one, IMHO. And it really depends on what you mean by "DIY". Building? Repairing? Decorating? New house? Old house?

I'm in the States, so my knowledge of the UK DIY Home Improvement scene is nil. But here are some of my favorite DIY/house/home links that I use for the work on my own house:

Fine Homebuilding (especially the CD-ROMS, video-tips and the Forum)
Old House Web
This Old House, mostly their video clips
Holmes on Homes (Canadian!)
The tools at
Popular Mechanics Home Improvement
DIY Network

I've never explored BBC/Homes in depth.

You could contact Self Build Ireland's blog or the Road to Amherst's blog about DIY resources for the UK. (Road to Amherst will be building in Australia, but they currently live in London.)
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Response by poster: i don't mind US sites at all. i just figured the standards might be different.
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New video site from UK with DIY!
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