Best Books for Home Remodel
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Can anyone recommend a great book (or magazine or website or series) on DIY home repair and remodeling?

I'm looking for a gift for my husband for Christmas. We'll soon be moving into a charming dump of a house with the goal of fixing it up as a project over the next several years. The house will need significant work, from plumbing to flooring, and my husband wants to do as much as possible of it himself.

He's a mechanical and electrical engineer and a serious hobbyist with a fair amount of building experience, including helping friends renovate their houses, but this will still be the biggest project he's ever tackled - so what I'm looking for is something geared towards the skilled and motivated newbie, with practical advice on things like installing dry wall or putting in tile, etc.

Any recommendations?
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Reader's Digest New Complete Do It Yourself Manual.
Very easy to understand, great diagrams,
sounds lame, but isn't...
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I got some great suggestions when I asked a similar-ish question a couple of years ago.
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The Black & Decker series of books is good.
Started with this one, then this one.

It made it look easy... too easy.
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It's not comprehensive or anything due to the format, but I recently used some airline miles to get a subscription to This Old House, and I really enjoy some of the ideas and tips.
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Seconding the Readers Digest.
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My dad has been giving me The Family Handyman for years. I've done several of the big projects and picked up some useful pointers in their tips section.
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I've found publications by Taunton Press to be good.
There is also
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Second the recommendation for Taunton Press, and their "Fine Homebuilding", either in dead trees or on the web.

And the guy who runs LumberJocks, a great little woodworking site, also runs HomeRefurbers. The latter isn't yet "there", but a bunch of us are hanging around and I think it'll start to gel as a community in not too long.
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I've subscribed to Dave Osborne's site a couple of times when undertaking fairly major DIYs. I've found his advice sound and his explanations clear. He also will respond to specific questions from subscribers.
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