Your favorite moderately priced cell phone? If a Razr is so bad, what should I replace it with?
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I broke my brand new (Cingular) Razr and am going to have to buckle down and pay full retail to replace it. Everyone seems to complain about that phone (though I had no problems), so if I'm going to have to pay retail, I might as well get something better. Like what?

It needs to be Cingular-friendly. I couldn't care less about MP3 features, WAP access, or any of that other stuff. I'm a GTD nut, but a Treo is out of my price range. I just would like a cheap, good-looking, functional cell phone - a camera and bluetooth would be nice.

Esteemed MeFi community, what do you love and hate in the cell arena?

(Thanks guys - sorry I'm not plumbing the depths of philosophy here; that's next time)
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Best answer: I'm quite fond of my Sony Ericson T520 from Cingular

a flip phone but the hing is strong enough not to shatter from use. it can use mp3's as ringtones and can hold a lot of them
a camera
that powerfull anteanna loop that fits perfectly in your hand
I don't bother with the browser or the games but for what I do. it is the perfect phone for me,

available from cingulars website
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I just did the same thing, took my Razr surfing. Bad idea.

I got the Cingular 8125, aka HTC Wizard aka T-Mobile MDA...pretty much all the same device, with different names.

-Windows Mobile 5
-Mini-SD slot (and 2GB cards are going for under $50 on newegg)
-1.3 megapixel camera
-Syncs to Outlook's address book, Tasks, and Calendar, and if you get Missing Sync also syncs to OS X Address Book and iCal
-QWERTY keyboard

I love it. It sounds like the major drawback for you would be the price. I found it brand new on eBay for under 400, it retails for significantly more if you try to get it direct from Cingular. Avoid Cingular if you have to buy a phone at full price.
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I've always liked my Nokias. If you're not stuck on the flip design I'd suggest the 6682 if you want new or you could get a 6620 on ebay for not a lot at all. Both have cameras and bluetooth.

Personally just the address book methodology on Motorollas makes me nuts so I may be the wrong guy to ask. But I LOVE that I can key in -any- part of someone's name, first or last, and get a sub-set of my address book. I also like that the free Nokia software keeps my phone synced with Outlook (you can use their own tool too but outlook is convenient...)
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Have you called and asked them what they can do for you? (Alas, as it's Cingular they probably won't be willing to do anything, as I recently found to my regret. I'll be going back to TMobile when my contract runs out.)

Check out the phones for sale on ebay. (I bought a cheap replacement phone for my SO when his crapped out and it was cheap, and worked fine.)

You'll want to check out his/her feedback, and his seller stats and all that, but you may well be able to find something better than a blah replacement phone.
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Response by poster: @Megafly: I'm trying to track that phone down online; thanks for the suggestion!

@mullingitover: I think that might be a bit out of my range/needs, but thanks - I wish I could get a phone for half that price that would be able to MissingSync to my Powerbook. Alack.

@phearlez: I completely agree about Motorola's menu interface! Argh! I will definitely check those out, as well.

And, lastly, Meep!Eeek!, I was definitely going to get whatever phone I decide on on eBay, so thanks for the power tips.

Any other phone ideas, folks?
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Go to cingular's website and check out their pay-as-you-go no-contract phones. Also, if you sign up at the dealking or fatwallet sites, you can get an additional $20-$30 back. I got my Nokia 6061 this way for $20 and it's a functional if not particularly feature-rich phone.
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I am a Cingular Treo user who keeps a Nokia 6600 series phone around in case of achey breaky phone or the need to travel super light. Great phones, super tiny, no hinges.
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I got my Nokia 6102i from Cingular for free (upgrade after 2+ years). It is flip, has buetooth and a camera. Very small and light.
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Nokia phones rock. I've had two I've been really happy with (and one extremely old model that was kinda crappy, but lasted like 7 years). Currently 6236I. Previously a cingular that looked a lot like it but was black, i think.
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After two weeks with my new Razr front screen cracks (still works fine) Cingular folks said "sorry" can't exchange it... PO'd. But I'll have to wait 'till contract up to bolt with impugnity. for now clear packing tape works ove rthe screen.
I liked the V551 Moto , but Cingular has discontinued it.
Claim some new models coming out soon.
The Razr needs a case to survive.
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I have a Nokia 6110, I think, or maybe it's 6120. Regardless, it's my second one (I had to get a new one when I switched from Suncom to Cingular - both were close to free), and I've had this one for almost two years. I am the clumsiest girl in the world so I've dropped it a lot and scratches aside, it's still in great shape. Also, people keep asking me why I get service in their apartment/store/whatever when they don't with the same service, so I figure that's a good sign. I'm sure you could get it on ebay for super cheap b/c I sold the old one on ebay last year for super cheap!
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oh, i just re-read that, and my phone doesn't have a camera or bluetooth
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Best answer: Seconding the z520... I love mine!
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I love my Nokia 6680, and a friend loves his.
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I have the fancy Samsung slider phone and I love it. Very loud ringer, easy to use, seems quite durable, great signal and call quality. Plus: snazzy.
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I don't know if you're still reading, but I thought I would attack your question from kind of a GTD angle.

My wife has a Sony Ericsson z520. It's a GREAT phone, with one problem: No one I know can figure out how to open the flip with one hand! That's what kept me from buying one, and I ended up with a Treo instead, which I'm about to get rid of.

I'm replacing my Treo with an LG CU500 from Cingular. it's RAZR-thin without the terrible (and old) Motorola software. More importantly, it has 3G internet, which means I'll be able to tether to my MacBook and get broadband-ish internet wherever I go.

One thing I'll miss with the LG is the iSync functionality, which is great for GTD. If you want to be able to keep your calendar and tasks in sync with your Mac, look at getting a Motorola, Sony, or Nokia. Pretty much all of the popular phones from those manufacturers will sync. I'm a particular fan of the Nokia 6126/6131, which is their new clamshell. It's available for under $300 unlocked from one of the various GSM stores on the web.

One thing to consider for a mobile "inbox" is getting a phone with a voice recorder. Most phones probably have it, but my old Motorola v600 has a dedicated key on the side of the phone. Whenever I'm out and about and I get a phone call or I think of something, I just flip open the phone and talk into it Star Trek-style. I then make a point to listen to my voice memos whenever I'm in a "collecting" mood. I've found this WAY easier than trying to schedule an appointment or NA with the Treo keyboard or (gross) T9.
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I recently asked a similar question and wound up settling on the V557. It has a reputation for being rock-solid in terms of reliability and durability, it's got bluetooth etc., and it just works. YMMV.
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