Hook a ThinkPad up?
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I need your google-fu and/or vendor hookup assistance...help me shop for a replacement motherboard.

I've got a ThinkPad with a bad video card.
Unfortunately, this model's is integrated with the motherboard, so I need to replace the whole thing.
I have the part number I need, but I don't find anything under $600, at which price I might as well get a new machine, no?

But I figure someone's done this kind of shopping before, or has a good vendor. Can anyone help me find a replacement motherboard for less? Hints?

ThinkPad R40
Type 2681
Part Number/FRU: 91P7877
(Pentium 4, 2ghz)
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ebay? Some of the model numbers do not match yours exactly, but may be compatible. You could pick up the same model laptop for less than $600.
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i have a t42 in excellent condition that was just for sale on ebay, which was again won by a nigerian scammer (4th time) so i am quite obviously not getting paid for it, if you are interested i am going to put it back up, you can buy it now for $600 (+$30 shipping). email me if youre interested.
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