Is it time to buy a Macbook with the student discount deal right now?
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Is it time to buy a Macbook with the student discount deal right now?

Apple has a "Get a Free IPod Nano when you buy a Mac" deal for students going on that expires in a month. I've also read on some rumors sites that Apple may be updating their Macbook line with faster Core Duos.

Would Apple wait for the student discount to expire before they release the higher speed processors? Or is it possible that they'll release them before it expires? Anyone know the timing of this stuff from the past? Or is the fact there's a student discount indicate that Apple is definitely going to update their line soon? (I know I could just wait a month and see, but I'd like to get my Macbook eariler rather than later if I know I won't get the speed bump.) Thanks!

PS: I've seen the Mac Buying Guide, just wanted to get some actual people's opinions.
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I say wait. I bought my PowerBook last summer around this time, and they upgraded them a month later.
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I took advantage of it and got my friend a 1gig nano.

Everything that I've read from Gizmodo leads me to believe that the next gen iPod is a while off, due to production delays and componant source wrangling. At the most we'll see a bump in the max capacity of the Nano (to 8/6 gigs flash) in the immediate future.

The MacBooks have only been on the market a few months, so it's unlikely we'll see their predacessors anytime soon as well. (They haven't even released accessories built for the new MacBooks yet....I'm still waiting on a sleeve case).

iTunes movie service is probably the next big thing on their plate... Or an upgrade to their low-end desktop models.

Keep in mind that the rebate is only for around $170 (I think..), so it's not the super-sweet deal you may think it is. (but hey, it's still a nice deal.....don't even need to be a current student, one apple employee just asked if I had my student ID since I came in without knowing there was a sale)

I don't think it's a inventory clensing. Take the deal!
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Sit down and take stock of your computing needs.

Does the Macbook that's available right now meet all your needs? If so, buy it and enjoy. If you get it and decide you wish to minimize the time you spend looking at the beachball, max out the RAM. 1GB sticks are ridiculously cheap.

If your need is simply to own the best available hardware, get some grief counseling. There will always be something better/faster/sexier and you'll be choking back the sobs when his Steveness unveils it.
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I got a better deal than the student discount by buying a refurbished MacBook.
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It's almost time. Apple just updated the logic board on the 'pro. You could wait a few weeks for similar news on the non-pro, if you want to lower your chances of fun-with-AppleCare.
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If you decide to wait, you might consider going to your campus bookstore, if they sell Macs, since there are great deals beyond the student discount on older models just after updates. With the money you save, you could throw in some more RAM without feeling a hit.

Oh, and if you do have a campus reseller, make sure you check their deals to see if they have something better going on, since they're different from Apple Retail.
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Don't wait. It's a bit soon for them to be updating the MacBook and the "Core 2 Duo" that everyone's hyped about is looking to be a disappointingly small improvement over the Core Duo.

The iPod deal only applies to current MacBooks, so even if they did update them soon, you wouldn't get a free iPod unless you bought the old one.

As I seem to end up saying on every Mac thread, Apple is watertight these days so the vast majority of "rumors" you hear are either educated guesses or hoaxes. Treat them as such.
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I would wait until at least mid-September if you care about having a machine that is 20% faster and has 20% better battery life. But maybe an iPod and another month of use is worth more than that.
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Would Apple wait for the student discount to expire before they release the higher speed processors?

They will always have a student discount; it's just a matter if they'll continue to have the iPod rebate perk.

My sister just bought a new MacBook and in addition to the free iPod, the retail store she bought it at had a free multi-function printer via rebate.
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Apple Expo is next month isn't it?
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My iBook G4 came with an iPod mini. iBook had just been updated a month or two earlier, and iPod was discontinued a month or two later. Worked out well for me. :-)
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I think the macbook sans-pro is too new for them to update already.. if anything they'd be updating the MBPs.

They're also offering a $100 rebate if you buy a printer along with a computer.. so you can get a free-after-rebate printer too.
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