The Theremin Dilema!
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Help me find somewhere online to purchase a theremin, preferrably cheaply. I'd just be a beginner, so great magical quality isn't an issue. Also, I have no problem with age as long as they function. There's aslo

I've spontaneously decided I want to play the theremin, just because it's an awesome instrument. However, online, I'm having trouble finding one for less than $300- and my price limit is around $150, because I don't want to ask my parents for anything larger than that. I found one assemble-your-own kit for around 100, but I don't know solder wire from french hooks. Please help me find a theremin that I can order off the interwebz that meets my specification. Also reccomend some books to read up on, if you know of any. Thanks for your help!
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Try here and here.
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There are a lot on ebay within your price range.
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I know elr bought one off of ebay a year or so ago. I think some guy was making and selling them. It wasn't as attractive as some of the really pricey ones, more of a black plastic box, but it worked well. Just needed to be plugged into an amp. It was $100-ish, if I recall correctly.

I'm not sure who he bought it from (maybe he can help you out there).
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The cheap ones on eBay are pretty much the assemble-it-yourself kits, pre-assembled. The one I got sounded terrible until I got an effects pedal for it. Go to Guitar Center and get the cheapest pedal with the largest variety of effects and you'll have a theremin that looks and sounds as good as any you've ever heard for between 200 and 250 (presuming of course that you have an amp and cords, before I got the amp I'm using now I was running my theremin through a used karaoke machine with surprisingly decent results).
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if you're technically inclined you can buy the theremax kit from PAiA Electronics for less than $100 bucks - but you've got to assemble the electronics (including soldering, I believe) and come up with your own case.
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Response by poster: Just to elaborate: I don't have an amp yet. Being the idjit I am, I didn't know I'd need one. :X
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