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Turning 40 at Disney World-family wants some cute shirts.

We're celebrating my 40th birthday at Disney World in a couple weeks and my family would like to wear matching shirts one day in order to humiliate me as much as possible. I'm ok with it as long as the shirts are funny and creatively witty. I was thinking along the lines of "my wife is 40" and "my mommy is 40" but then that makes the whole matching tee shirt idea even lamer.

Any ideas on witty sayings for tee shirts?-think something screen printed on a black shirt. It will be immediate family and friends and they're all too excited to point out I'm the first to hit 40. I persuaded them to do this rather than a full blown roast.
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I don't know what theirs should say (perhaps "I'm With 40"), but wouldn't it be funny if your own shirt matched theirs in color/font/etc but said "I don't know any of these people".
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Might be a little much for Mickey et al.
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Use shirts with Haunted Mansion tombstones, for starters.
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Have matching shirts printed to say "My ____________ is 40" (literally, with the line printed) and let each person fill in the blank with a permanent marker.
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Of course, that wouldn't work as well if the shirt was black. But for full effect, a bright shirt color would be better anyway!
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This might work better in the Vatican, but:
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You can have custom Disney shirts with printing made at Zazzle, if you want a theme...
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Dunno about funny or witty, but...

1963 The Sword in the Stone
1966 hollygoheavy
1967 The Jungle Book

Would Disney sue if the names of the movies were substituted for images of Wart (King Arthur) and Mowgli?
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Mom might be 40, but Mickey is 79.
(include a picutre of Steamboat Willie)
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Make sure you tell a Cast Member when you get to the park, because they'll give you a button that says CONGRATULATIONS and CMs and characters will be congratulating you all day.
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I like the "I'm with 40" idea, esp. if your shirt just has a huge "40" on it.

I also suggest you NOT go with a black t-shirt - do a color instead. A group of black tees will look funereal, and you'll all feel pretty damn warm in the Florida sun.

Or how about if your shirt says "29 again!" and everyone else's says "She's not 29"
T-shirts that read"She's not 29" have real staying power, I think.
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Ditto on the black shirt thing. It was over a hundred degrees a few days ago. Today it will be in the 90's. A few weeks from now it will still be in the 90's. Unless you are accustomed to that kind of temperature, you will all be much happier in light colored shirts.
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My _________ is younger than dirt.
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