Training for flag football
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What are some good drills that I can do to get in shape for flag football?

I'm joining a flag football league that begins play in one month, and I'd like some advice on basic running drills or other workouts I can do to help get more in shape, specifically improving my cardio, quickness, and agility. From the little information that I've been able to find online, it seems that long-distance running is not a good solution, as the focus should be more on sprinting-type workouts. I'm 35 and in half-decent shape as I currently lift weights and run 1/2 mile 3-4 days a week. I'm not expecting any miraculous changes in only a month, just looking for some simple things I can do to help get ready. Thanks!
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Even if you are running (fast) and in normal cardio training, you body won't be used to the agility type movements needed for football. So do agility drills and footwork drills. These will be short bursts of speed, possibly around cones, markers, etc. Also do some workouts in cleats if you will be wearing them in the game, as your ankles need to get used to them. Also, just plain old sprints would be good - start slow - maybe 10x100m with 2-3 minutes walking in between. This will really kill you the first few times until you are used to it.

Check out this article for some specific ideas. If you google "agility drills" and "football training" you can find a lot of similiar things - obviously you can ignore things suited to full contact football.
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Agility, like rsanheim said, is going to be the biggest issue. I'd focus on change of direction work, like box sprints and the like.

Also, aerobic capacity is important, but you should focus more on your anerobic capacity. You will be sprinting a lot so HIIT, as linked above, would be a good choice.
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shuttle runs! (ugh)

we used to do a thing they called razorbacks where you sprint 10 yards, drop, do a pushup, get up, sprint 10 yards, etc. (uuuugh.)
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I used to do something similar to sergeant sandwich. This was done in teams of 5 although you could modify it for one person. The first person sprinted some designated distance, while the first person was sprinting the 2nd person did sit ups, 3rd person did push ups and 4th person did burpees and the 5th person rested. Once the sprinter got back everyone moved up one position and repeated.

Burpees = jump up with your hands in the air, land in a squat, put your hands on the ground and jump back so you are in a push up position, jump back to a squat, jump up with your hands in the air etc etc.

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learn the olympic lifts; snatch and clean and jerk. they develop power, agility, and coordination exceedingly well.
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I second shuttle runs...

If you just look at it like there will always be someone less quick than you you'll be fine. You can't coach it.
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Hill sprints! They're killer, but they'll make you faster!
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