Tips for an (advanced) home firewall/router
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I have a setup for my SOHO firewall in mind. Help me perfect it.

I'm moving to another city, and there my new office will be at home for the forseeable future. I want the firewall/router have the following features:

- Connect wired SOHO network, wireless entertainment network, DMZ for client FTP, and the internet.
- Allow access to wired network from both the internet and WIFI only through VPN
- Intrusion detection
- Must be (almost) totally silent

What I have in mind is a hush B1 (sorry, no direct link because of frames) with 3 ethernet connectors and either the personal edition of the Astaro firewall or ClarkConnect.

Now to the questions:

- While the B1 seems to be quality hardware, and I'm ready to spend the money, are there cheaper fanless solutions with enough CPU power to run a packet analyzer and IPSec, with enough ethernet connectors, and in the same size category?

- Are there other/better software solutions than the two mentioned? Experiences?

- Any hints for improvement are welcome :)

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I've had a little experience with the WRAP (Wireless Router Application Platform) solutions from PC-Engines. Nice hardware, wireless-friendly, boots from CF card, silent, and I've run both m0n0wall & custom OpenBSD firewalls on them.

If you're experienced enough to build your own custom firewall configuration from a bare Linux or OpenBSD install (and it sounds like you are), I can thoroughly recommend them. I've got a couple installed around the place acting as combination firewalls / VPN endpoints / 802.11g access points, and they've been no trouble at all.
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Thanks, WRAP looks very interesting.
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What about the soekris engineering boxes? I see them set up as SOHO firewalls quite often. The Linux & *BSD types love the little things.

It all depends on how much time and effort you want to put into it. Personally, I got sick of homebrew computer crap at home, so I bought a used Netscreen firewall instead. To be specific, I have the Netscreen 5XP. the newer products, like the Netscreen 5GT, have 5 ethernet interfaces that allow you to segment traffic & firewall rules six ways from Sunday. They can do everything that you're asking and a whole lot more.

In the long run, it all boils down to how much money you feel like spending.
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