where to find incense cigarettes for figurines?
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i have several wooden figurines from my grandmother that actually smoke small incense cigarettes. any ideas where to find the cigarettes?

they're charicatures of a monk, fishmonger, etc. and they have small (1/16" diameter) holes in the corners of their mouths, into which you'd place these incense cigarettes and light them. they'd then burn down as if the figurine was smoking the cigarette, complete with puffing action.

but it's been at least 25 years since they've puffed away. i'm not holding out much hope, here. but you never know.
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Sounds similar to the Smoking Baby. Looks like you can order refill packs.
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Looking at the Manufacturer's Website, it looks as though they no longer actively sell the smoking baby. Might have something to do with a disgruntled Phillip Morris. But I'm sure if you contact them, they will gladly sell you some refill packs.
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Like this?
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thanks for the help. it looks like the smoking baby cigs might work -- just hard to tell if they're the right size. the picture makes them look too big, but then smoking baby is only 2 3/4" tall, so they'll probably fit. i'll probably order them to try.

contessa, i couldn't tell anything about those cigs in the picture and they're described as cones, so i don't know. but i appreciate the answer nonetheless.
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I vaguely remember something like that that my great grandmother had.

The "cigarettes" were tiny 1/16" to 1/32" diameter. They were made out of a hard translucent resin and covered in thin paper. I don't recall them having much smell but they produced a fair amount of smoke. So, I don't know if they qualify as "incense".
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The cigs for the smoking baby are approx 1/16" in diameter.
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