Toy creatures that grow to 600% their size when you immerse them in water
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Toy creatures that grow to 600% their size when you immerse them in water. We bought a few from a street seller in New York, and they're cool. We want more, but now the seller has moved on. Where can I buy these toys, preferably online?

The ones we bought are called "Colored Growing" and come in many shapes -- reptiles, sea animals, arachnids, the Empire State Building, the State of Liberty, and many other objects. Googling for that phrase, I have found them here and here, but that's about it -- the first one in Taiwan and the second one doesn't specify which creatures you get. I would like to find a store where we can buy a bunch of them and pick exactly the creatures we want. Perhaps they are also known by a different name?
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Oooo those are fun. Fill up your tub and drop one in if you're going out of town for a week. Trust me.
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Here's some
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Oh. I guess you can't pick which ones you get there.
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I've seen them at science center and museum gift shops. Maybe try stores like the Discovery Channel store.
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Shanevsevil, your comment cracked me up.

OP, are you talking about the kind that come in little capsules (like the link thirteenkiller posted) or that come in their intended shape?

There are some of the latter here:

A google search for toys grow in water also picked up some that are listed on eBay.
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I bought a mummy one at Party City not that long ago for an out-of-season Halloween party. Check the kids party favor aisle.
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I see them at chain craft stores from time to time.
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Here are a couple more choices.
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Party stores have them. I can attest to seeing giant lips that grow to a ridiculous size a few days ago while browsing.

So do dollar stores, I've found.
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Oriental Trading Company! Oriental Trading Company! (Hermit crabs w/ shells, and toy creatures- in BULK!)
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(Or just follow the link in blackkar's response. Duh. Sorry!)
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second what tozturk said. (every single party store i've been to have them. so-cal here, for what it's worth).
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Response by poster: Excellent answers, I will be checking out these. The ones we bought grow to the size of a 1.5-liter soda bottle. Which ones will fill a bathtub?
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