Recommended auto repair facility in San Diego?
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I think I need an alignment; looking for a recommended mechanic in San Diego. I need Saturday hours, and am hoping for some place near a movie theater, shopping, or the like.

My car is pulling to the right, and I think I need an alignment. I drive a 1993 Pontiac minivan. I'm in between Mission Valley and El Cajon, but I don't mind driving a bit to get to a good place. I cannot take time off work in the immediate future, so I need a place with Saturday hours - preferably fairly long Saturday hours, to make sure I get it back in one day.

Between us, my husband and I have only one car (the one to be repaired), and I am the only driver, and we just moved here recently so don't have friends and family in the area -- the point being, I would really like to find a place near a movie theater, mall, shopping center, or the like, so we can just hang out and kill time instead of faffing about with buses and expensive cabs. Alternatively, a place that will give us a ride home and pick us up again when the car is ready would work (in fact, that's probably even better). Or, at least a place near a trolley line or a bus stop.

It may well be that I would be better off posting on some San Diego-centric site, but I don't know of any - links to other sites on which to pose my question are welcome, too.
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If there's a Sears near you, they do this kind of stuff, and are likely to be open on Saturday. (Most mechanics aren't.)
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Best answer: I'm a big believer that a good mechnaic is hard to find.

Go check out the Mechanix Files over on
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yeah, my first thought was sears, too. they're not the best mechanics in the world, but they are generally competent across the board. and usually sears is attached to a mall or something like that. (call first and make sure they do alignment though, it requires some specialized equipment).
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Check out some of the smaller shops on Miramar Rd, past the 805, by that big white pyramid. There's a shop next to a Japanese Auto-Tech place. A guy named Eric works there, long hair, ponytail. He does an AMAZING job, bumper-to-bumper inspection for free.
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I've been happy with SAMCO on Armour St. in Kearny Mesa. They guys there are nice and when I got my timing belt replaced, they let me know that it was still okay and offered to wait till later.
They'll also give you a ride somewhere if you need it, though I don't know how far they'll go--they took me to work which was just a few miles away.
Welcome to SD, by the way! Feel free to email me if you have other local questions.
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