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Experimental music venues in Edinburgh?

I'm in town from L.A. visiting family. The tourist attractions are keeping the folks busy, and I'm looking forward to a few jazz shows. Mostly, though, I'm curious as to whether there are any small experimental music venues in town, preferrably with a word-of-mouth following.

Hooligan free, plz.
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I'm not sure about experimental, but the Cabaret Voltaire is good for putting on a variety of music, and there's also the Jazz Centre in the Grassmarket which might suit your needs. You sadly just missed the Jazz Festival this past weekend, but I expect some of the artists are probably still kicking about at the Jazz Centre!
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This really isn't a very big city.

The one venue I know that regularly puts on experimental shows is Henry's Cellar Bar (I caught Sunburned Hand of the Man there, a few months ago). It's a tiny place, quite strange (it doesn't feel like much of a punk/noise venue). Unfortunately on other nights it's non-hooliganny but often run-of-the-mill "funky" rock bands. It used to be called Henry's Jazz Bar but it's under new management and is rarely jazz, now.

Update was meant to be a hub for exactly things like this, but it seems to have died a quick death... You could try emailing a contact there to see if he has any tips for upcoming gigs.

Otherwise, the best listings for the city are at The Oracle, The Skinny or The List. If you're here in August, there may well be something to your taste on as part of the Fringe or Film Fest...
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