Can I recover data (pictures) from a bad DVD-R?
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Can I recover data (pictures) from a bad DVD-R?

I burned a bunch of my pictures to a DVD-R (Memorex brand which I now hear sucks).

I stupidly didn't check the DVD before deleting the pictures off my hard drive. That hard drive is long gone now. All I have is the DVD.

Basically I can see the reference to the pictures on the DVD but when I go to click on one it freezes my computer.

Would a data recovery place be able to get these pictures off the DVD or are they gone forever? Any reccomendations for good data recovery shops?
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Try moving the data on to your Desktop first... but more importantly, when you look at the properties, does it look like the files have data in them (each picture should be a few MB?)
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I've used IsoBuster in the past with some success. Good luck!
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k8t: if they show up at all it's likely their sizes will be right; both the filename and the size lives in the TOC which is at the beginning of the disc. The actual data is in the middle somewhere.
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Response by poster: I can see the names and sizes of the files. When I try to move it onto my desktop my computer freezes - I basically can't do anything with the files.

It's actually just the pictures in one folder on the DVD. I have other pictures on the DVD that I can view with no problem.

Maybe I'll give IsoBuster a shot when I get home.
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I had some luck using BlindWrite for recovering data from a damaged CD-R once or twice.
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In the future you might consider creating 10% or more parity data so you can recover any lost pictures. It free, easy and the DVD/CD would have to be severely damaged.
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Hm...Could you try copying it in DOS?

I know groups like drive savers could pull this out.
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I had some moderate success using dd_rescue on a Linux box to pull some data off a couple of questionable Princo blanks.
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