How do I get back into technical work again?
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UKJobFilter: Techie/System Admin at heart, CV filled with Helpdesk experience. How do I get into techie work again?

I started my career in a technical support position at my local council, after working out my goverment sponsered placement (under the new deal) I was push into a frontline helpdesk roll, after numerous years there I got nicely booted out of the door. With no job I snapped at the first position I could find which was working for O2 customer services, after I left there i fell into Helpdesk role for a software company.

Looking at my CV i've only had 12 months technical experience and everything else has been customer services and helpdesk. I've applied for technical roles from a general techie to system administrator but i've never heard anything back.

Is there anything I can do that can improve my chances of getting an interview for these types of roles? any hints or tips on how to present my CV in a techie view without cutting out the bulk of my work experience?
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Do you have any certifications? Your HD experience will be key, but certifications would help too.
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Best answer: Well, most sysadmin jobs include some helpdesking, so it's not like it's a *down*check.

You might want to grab a copy of The Principles and Practice Of System Administration by Tom A Limoncelli. It ain't cheap (it's like $60US), but it was so good that when I sat down at Borders and flipped through it, I just bought it, instead of going home and Amazonning it for cheaper.

It includes quite a bit of non-technical but still useful information for the SA, including stuff related to getting and keeping the job itself, which you might find helpful.

The refresher can't hurt either.
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I'd register your CV with as many tech recruitment agencies as you can as well. Frankly there's huge need out there for technical skills - particularly in smaller businesses - and a dearth of people to provide them. It's a seller's market and you are the product!

Best of luck and I hope you enjoy wherever you fetch up.
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