Help a film editor find work in the UK or USA
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I want to find work as a film editor in the UK. Would it be better to find a permanent job, or freelance? Would I need an agent? If so, do you have any recommendations?

I'm Australian, I've been editing for a few years, and I've cut a few tv dramas and series. Ultimately I want to cut dramas in the UK, in TV, and if I'm lucky, in features. How is it done over there? Would I knock on the door of the BBC, or go to independent production companies, or go to the post production houses?

I'm grateful for any advice on where to start. Any specific places I should go to would be great as well.

IN FACT! If you have any advice on how to do all of the above in the USA as well, that would be a godsend. I thought I would have way less visa trouble with England and would start there but ultimately want to end up in the states. Are there any Aussie expats working the USA in this area of the industry who can share their stories on how they made it, that doesn't involve marrying as American?
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Depending on where you are and what your status is in the UK. I would recommend you try one of the many local film production quangos (Quasi-Autonomous Non-Governmental Organizations) in the UK. There is ScreenWM, they have an education office. There is also 4Talent, which is a clearing house where you could find a lot of info. The thing you should do is hit up producers who are part of PACT. There are others.
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I have some friends working in the film industry here in London and they say that Mandy and Grapevine are good places to look for jobs. A lot of independent firms post vacancies there. Good luck!
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