Suggest a North American coding conference/seminar.
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MadSkillzFilter: Help this computer engineer find an interesting North American coding conference/seminar.

My Work:

- C/C++ coding for an embedded Linux appliance.
- WebApp developement for said appliance (Unobtrusive Javascript, AJAX, CSS, &c.)

Our codebase includes both in-house and OpenSource code.

Potential Topics:

- "Modern" Web Design
- Code Refactoring
- Unit Testing / Test Driven Design
- MVC (model-view-controller) Design

TimeFrame: This year, and/or early 2007.

I'm looking for pragmatic, rather than academic, course-ware.
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Best answer: I would recommend No Fluff Just Stuff. They do shows all across the US, about 15-20 speakers, and limit attendance to 200 or so. No marketing drones at all, its all good nerdy stuff. The show is Java-based, but every year there are more sessions on agility, TDD, web services, ajax, refactoring, and Ruby. So don't let the Java tracks scare you, as there is plenty of good stuff beyond that. Its also a great value, under a thousand dollars and you can usually find something local so no travel costs.

Otherwise, there is the Ajax Experience later this year in Boston. I may be biased, as I'm an editor with ajaxian, the group that is putting it on. But the show earlier this year in SF was very good, and we took a very "no-fluff" based approach to the content (though there are sponsors there, unlike NFJS).
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