Examples of Geoffrey Herman's fashion photography?
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Anyone ever heard of a fashion photographer from the 1980's named Geoffrey Herman? I just found out he's the cousin of a high school friend, and I'd like to see some of his work.
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Do you know which designers or magazines he shot for?
posted by amberglow at 11:09 AM on January 1, 2004

Sorry, I don't know. The only other thing I know about him is that he died in the late 1980's.
posted by neuroshred at 6:15 PM on January 1, 2004


Is that the same guy? He's linked near the top.
posted by mecran01 at 3:47 PM on January 2, 2004

Pardon my laziness, that was the wrong link. Still good photos..

Charles Cushman
posted by mecran01 at 3:53 PM on January 2, 2004

I don't think that's the guy, mecran01. Different name.
posted by neuroshred at 2:09 PM on January 3, 2004

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